This page is an introduction to the main features of Permeal.

Permeal is a web and mobile application, designed to facilitate communication about nutrition between practitioners and their clients, using mainly photos, comments, and discussions.


Permeal is image-focused because images are much faster and easier than tedious food logs or calorie/weight logs. An image can communicate a lot that would be hard to convey through just words. Using images, it is very easy to get a detailed picture of a person's diet.


The client would take photos of their meals using the mobile application, and the practitioner gets a web-based dashboard through which they can view, comment, and discuss topics with their clients


Logs can be used to record numbers, text, or Y/N, each with an apporpriate visualization. Log entries can be recorded using the mobile app, or on the web interface.


Discussions are for communication that are not tied to a specific meal. Responses on discussions can include photos.

Mobile app

The mobile app currently works on iOS, and Android.

It is the main tool with which end-users take photos, create meals, comment, respond to discussions, record log entries, check newsfeed. It also receives push notifications.